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1. How long will I get at each excursion or point of interest?

Times vary for each excursion or POI (Point of interest). As you are on a group tour the time at each excursion/POI will be restricted to ensure you have enought time for Photos and viewing the excursion/POI. It may not be possible to view all the features of a excursion/POI.

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2. The travel times are too long?

Europe is very vast, and the times taken to travel between each city or point of interest can be quote long, please see the distnace chart under Other Information for each tour to establish approx travel times.

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3. The start and finishing times are too early and late?

All our itineraries are designed so that you can get the maximum out of a full day. We design the itineraries so you are able to savour as much a place of interest has to offer in the duration of your tour, keeping in mind driving legulations and laws.

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4. I lost my ticket for a excursion/sight?

Unfortunately you will need to buy another ticket at your own expense.

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5. I was left behind on tour?

It is very important that you are back on the coach 5 mins before the stated time to ensure you do not miss any connections. The coach cannot wait for any late arrivals as it must stick to the itinerary. It is your responsibility to make sure you leave yourself sufficient time to return back to the coach/meeting point. Any part of the itinerary that is missed cannot be reimbursed by Star Tours.

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6. I lost my belognings whilst on the tour?

We advise you keep your belongings with you at all times, as theft/loss can occur at hotels, coaches, excursions etc. Any loss/theft will need to be declared to local authorities at your own time and expense. Any items kept on the coach are done so at the owners own risk.

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7. Will we have to queue up for any excurssions?

You will need to queue up for all excursions within the group queue as directed by the Tour Manager. If there is no reservation or group queue then you will need to queue up in the general queue, which can be quite long.

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8. Can I leave the tour and do my own thing?

It is not possible to leave the itinerary and do your own thing, should you decide to do this anyway; you need to make your own arrangements and meet the group back at your own expense - no reimbursement can be made by Star Tours for such eventualities.

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9. What are optional Tours?

We design our itineraries so that all the necessary excursions and places of interest are included giving you the best possible holiday at an affordable price. However sometimes you could be offered optional excursions by your Tour Manager. These optional excursions are only possible if time permits, and they are practical and feasible to conduct. A optional is never guaranteed to operate. and after completing your regular itinerary. Customers are entitled to refuse any optional offered. 

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