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1. How long should I allow for visa processing through Star Tours?

Minimum four weeks prior to your departure

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2. What should be the validity of my passport to apply for Schengen visa?

UK - Three months after coming back from tour

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3. What should be the validity of my UK visa to apply for Schengen visa?

UK Work Visa and Dependant Visa should be issued for more than six months. Upon completing your tour, your UK visas should be valid for further three months.

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4. Can I add visa charges to my online booking?

Contact or visit Star Tours office as we are working on same.

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5. I have some documents missing can I still hand Star Tours the rest of my documents?

Yes. If you have valid Employment Reference Letter

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6. When do I have to go for my Biometrics?

Once you have submitted your complete set of documents, star tours visa team will provide you with appointments date, place and timings

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7. What are the benefits of applying through Star Tours?

We will ensure all your documents are complete as per embassy's requirements before submission to the consulate. We will submit all your documents in person, on your behalf. We will also collect all your documents in person, on your behalf once Schengen Visa is processed. You just need to be present to your process your biometrics.

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8. Does every member of the family need to go for Biometrics?

For VFS and BLS - all family members need to be present to process biometrics
For TLS - Less than 12 years children are not allowed in biometrics area.

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9. Do I have to purchase travel insurance for my visa application?

As per Schengen consulate rules, all applicant's need to provide valid travel insurance for the trip.

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10. Can Star Tours apply for multiple entry visas?

We apply for multiple entry visas, but the duration and number of entries are at the discretion of the consulates.

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11. I am unable to attend your office in person. Can I post my documents to you?

Yes, you can post your documents to our branch in Wembley. We recommend you to use Royal Mail Special Delivery service, so we receive documents the next working day, or use any other courier service.

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12. How will I receive my documents back from Star Tours?

Once we have your passports back from the consulate, we will give you a call and discuss the following two options: 1) We can post your documents back via royal mail special delivery 2) You may come in person to collect your documents.

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13. I am planning another trip later this year, with Star Tours will my visa still be valid?

Visa validity is granted at the discretion of consulate; we cannot guarantee the duration of visa that will be granted to you and your family.

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14. My visas have been rejected previously can Star Tours re-apply on my behalf?

Yes, Star Tours can re-apply your Schengen visa, but you will also have to provide previous rejection letter. Once we reapply for your Schengen Visa, the outcome of the visa is at the discretion of the consulate.

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